"I hope that the time spent in the garden can grown not only sustainable food but a community from diverse people and foster a sense of place that brings peace."


The Community Garden at Green Mountain United Methodist Church is still in the planning stages. Construction on the garden should be complete in Winter 2018.

Once complete, community members will have the option to purchase plots or raised beds to plant in the Spring. Stay up to date by reading our newsletters.


You can order bricks at any time to support the garden. Please contact Lori Osborn (lorioho@icloud.com or 303-986-8802) to purchase a brick. The bricks will be installed once the heavy work is done.


 Order forms are on the program table outside the Gathering Place.

  • $100 per 4 X 8 brick + $10 for clip art;

  • $200 per 8 X 8 brick + $10 for clip art.

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